Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Joys of Children

For some reason, every time I vacuum this apartment, everyone goes nuts! I can understand why the cat does. I mean, she's 8 weeks old and our big mean vacuum cleaner is threatening to eat her (rather loudly, might I add). So she hisses and cries at it while arching her back from the top of the couch. Meanwhile, my oldest is literally running and hopping and hiding all over the place. She isn't afraid of the thing, she just likes to do it. I asked her, "Why are you running around like a monkey?" Her response? "Because I like to be a monkey!" Of course. And then here comes C, always the helper. He's not only intrigued by the vacuum, but wants to help Mommy hold the cord, unplugging it in the process. Mind you, we are on the second floor of this apartment so if there are any neighbors below us, they most certainly don't like us.

On another topic, we almost had a dead kitten on our hands last night. I sent the kids to clean their room while I cleaned up things in the rest of the apartment, and after about 20 minutes out comes  our daughter, H, followed by our 8 week old kitten, who is limping. Great. It turns out she was throwing the poor thing into the air and attempting to catch it. Well, she missed. I was livid. I calmly but firmly explained the severity of the situation, then decided some time-out with her face to the wall would suffice until Daddy came home.

When he came home, daddy had a good long talk with her about the proper way to handle the cat and by the time he was through (10-15 mins later) she felt so guilty about it that we decided an early bed time, the talk, and the time-out were punishment enough. The talk must have sunk in, because all day today she told me how sorry she was and that it was the worst thing she'd ever done. :(

Onyx is doing just fine. She's been running and walking with no limp all day. She's staying clear of the kids' room for now, and just within the past hour or so has been playing with H's feet. I've told H to sit and let the kitty come to her instead of her trying to pet/play with the kitty, and it seems to be working.

As I'm typing this, H is trying to play Wii fit and C is trying to push her off the board, so it looks like I've gotta run!

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