Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family Time

It won't be long now. My son is showing early signs of potty training readiness. He brings me diapers when he needs to be changed and takes off his diaper when it's soiled or wet; not every time, but it's becoming more frequent. I don't want to push him into it, so we're going to wait until he's truly ready before we give potty training a try.

On another note, we had some great family time last night! Hubby and I took the kids to a corn maze and got lost in the corn for about an hour. Our daughter loved it! She wanted to lead, but kept taking us in circles. :) C, on the other hand, was afraid of the corn. He was carried most of the time because when we put him down he didn't walk too far before getting scared again. And since he was scared, he didn't want Daddy to hold him; he wanted Mommy. So Mommy got a great little workout carrying a 25 lb toddler for an hour! Ha ha..

After the maze we decided to go out to eat at Red Robin (Yum!). This was the kids' chance to redeem themselves for the past few times of being awful at a restaurant. After explaining to H the do's and don'ts of restaurant behavior, we actually had a pleasant experience. Toward the end C got bored and started to yell a bit, but overall the kids did very well. Hubbs and I were so impressed we decided to take them out for ice cream after dinner.

Later, once kids were in bed, I had some quality Wii time with Hubby, beating him at least twice in ping pong (he beat me in everything else). We stayed up for awhile laughing until our heads hurt (literally)! I love those moments. :) And I love days like yesterday, when we all get to spend some quality time together as a family. I can't wait till Hubby's next day off so we can hang out and laugh with him some more.

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