Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Changes

Friday afternoon I had Ethiopian coffee, served in the traditional way, for the first time. When I was first invited I was afraid it would be too bitter or too strong but it was very good! My neighbor and her mother in law served me coffee three times, as per tradition, from a jebena (clay coffee pot). She showed me how they roast the coffee in a long handled pot, then ground it up and pour the grounds in the jebena along with water. It was a cool experience. I believe H and I are becoming fast friends with mom, F, and daughter, R. R is H's age and they are so alike it's scary! :) They're both very energetic and rambunctious and they're both "big sisters." R invited her to sleep over Friday night so they stayed up late eating pizza and sleeping on mattresses on the floor.

We are currently trying to find a new church home, as we moved thirty mins away from our former one. Thirty minutes might not seem like much, but trust me, the money spent on gas adds up quickly! The kids and I visited a church today that I haven't been to in about four years. I enjoyed seeing familiar faces and friends.

I can't believe it's already fall! Fall is my favorite season, and I hope we get some nice weather this year. For me, fall represents a bustling, busy time of getting ready for holidays and spending time with family. My goals for fall: jump in piles of leaves with my kids, find a church home, have a bonfire, make s'mores with my hubby (who has never had them!), have a halloween party (?), and make something great to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe I have too many goals? Eh, we'll see!

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