Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Great Ant War

Ants ants everywhere, and not a place to sit!

Or, something like that! All summer long we have battled ants outside our home, and over the past few weeks they have been trying to break in. Luckily, my fabulous hubby bought some spray that we can use both inside and out, which seems to be keeping them at bay (Hooray!). Well, a week or so went by with no sign of ants in the house... until a few days ago.

Needing to wash my hands, I turned the knob on the bathroom sink and lo and behold, ants came pouring out of the faucet! They weren't with the flow of water, but rather hidden in the millimeter space around the spout. Now, sometime before this I had watched a few minutes of a documentary about a man who worked with and studied ants.  He found that they leave a scent trail behind them so that other ants will be able to follow them and find food or whatnot.  So, armed with this new information, I smashed each ant I saw (which is very gratifying when you have had ant problems such as we have) and promptly scrubbed the surface of the sink, countertop, faucet, etc, in hopes that any remaining ants would not be tempted to come out. Then, following my husband's instructions, removed the towels from the cabinet under the sink and sprayed liberally inside. Again, this was done as a deterrant. 

I am quite proud to say that I think we may have won this battle, as I have yet to see more than one or two ants since.  However, the war won't completely be over until the cold weather sets in.  Only then will we truly have our house back.  To those of you who are currently fighting the good fight, stand tall! We will divide and conquer!

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