Friday, April 2, 2010

Sea Monkeys: Part Deux

Ok.. Maybe I overreacted a bit about the whole sea monkey thing.  After we put the eggs in the "tank" we placed them on the window sill and went outside to play.  About an hour later the cat knocked the tank off the window sill.  H was devastated.  So, daddy bought her a new kit and we started over.  The eggs hatched successfully yesterday (yay!) and our little guys are swimming safely in their tank on the kitchen counter.  I know I said I would post pics of these things, and honestly, I tried to get a good one!  I discovered a Fujifilm A360 is probably not the best camera to try this with!  LOL.  Find a ballpoint pen.  Find one?  Ok, see the very tip there?  No, the end you write with.  Yep.  Right now the "baby fishies," as C calls them, are about that size.  With tails.  Oh, yeah, and they're white.  So I'm sure you can understand my dilemma! Maybe this sea monkey thing won't be so bad after all! Well, I'm off to settle another kiddy dispute! Au revoir!

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